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We have an eclectic collection of used and vintage books, vinyl records, DVD's, CD's, comics, tarot cards, ephemera and small collectibles.

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More Great Old Books Just In

Steve Mecca

Byron by John Nichol 1894 hardcover

Education Of A Princess. A Memoir by Marie Grand Duchess Of Russia by Russell Lord 1931 hardcover

English Men Of Letters Shelley edited by: John Morley 1909 hardcover

Ninety Three by Victor Hugo 1874 1st American edit hardcover

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Seas
Jules Verne 1873 (publishers: Geo. M. Smith & Co. Boston) Green gilt hardcover.

The Master of Ballantrae & Prince Otto by Robert Louis Stevenson 1906 Vol 4 only hardcover

The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan c.1880-1890's hardcover

Burlesques by William Thackeray c. 1880 Compilation including: Novels by Eminent Hands. Jeames's Diary. Adventures of Major Gahagan. A Legend Of The Rhine. Rebecca And Rowena. The History Of The Next French Revolution. Cox's Diary. Yellowplush Papers. Fitzboodle Papers. The Wolves And The Lamb. The Bedford Row Conspiracy. A Little Dinner At Timmins's. The Fatal Boots. Little Travels hardcover

Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe 1897 hardcover

The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy 1935 hardcover

The Kaaterskill Edition of Washington Irving selected by: Richard Henry Stoddard 1881 2 vol in one. Compilation including Sleepy Hollow and many others hardcover

The Snow Image And Other Twice Told Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne c.1941 hardcover

Idylls Of The King by Lord Tennyson c.1892-1902 hardcover

Edgar Allan Poe Poems No date hardcover

Complete Works of Shakespeare edit: William Clark No date softcover

The Bostonians by Henry James 1956 hardcover

The Posthumous Papers Of The Pickwick Club by Charles Dickens No date modern library edit hardcover/dust jacket

The Talisman A Tale of the Crusaders by Sir Walter Scott No date hardcover

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte No date softcover

The Call Of The Wild and Other Stories by Jack London 1926 hardcover

Gulliver's Travels and Other Writings by Johathan Swift edit: Louis Landa 1960 softcover

The Paris Sketch Book of Mr MA Titmarsh; The Irish Sketch Book and Notes of A Journey From Cornhill To Grand Cairo by William Thackeray No date hardcover

The Waverly Novels Abbotsford Edition (vol 2 missing from 12 volume set) by Sir Walter Scott 1874 gilt hardcover. Green. Very pretty.

A Brief History of Ancient, Medieval and Modern Peoples with Some Account of Their Monuments, Institutions, Arts, Manners and Customs Barnes' General History Series c. 1899 hardcover

Heroes, Hero-Worship and the Heroic in History by Thomas Carlyle no date hardcover

History of the Great Reformation of the Sixteenth Century by JH Merle D'Aubigne 1843 3 vol set complete hardcover

A Practical Book for Practical People by corps of special writers 1896 hardcover

Battles And Leaders Of the Civil War People's Pictorial Edition by The Century co. 1894 ¼ bound leather hardcover

My Native Land by James Cox 1895 hardcover

Lives of the Bachelor Kings Of England by Agnes Strickland 1861 half bound leather

Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler 1940 hardcover. We also have a 1939 first US printing edition.

Giants of the Republic. Lives, Deeds, and Personal Traits of Eminent Statesmen, Great Generals, Noted Reformers, Successful Men of Business, Distinguished Literary Men and Famous Women Intro by Edward Hale 1896 hardcover. Great condition.

History Of The French Revolution by Thomas Carlyle no date hardcover

Pioneer Days In Upper Canada by Edwin Guillet 1964 softcover

The Formation Of The Union, National Archives Publication 1970 softcover

Little House On The Prarie by Laura Inglalls Wilder 1971 softcover

Heidi by Johanna Spyri 1945 hardcover/dust jacket

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll c. 1900 hardcover

Dryden's Palamon and Arcite Or The Knight's Tale From Chaucer edited by : Percival Chubb 1899 hardcover

Oliver Goldsmith by Washington Irving 1925 hardcover

Heart of Darkness & The Secret Sharer by Joseph Conrad 1950
Sang Spell by Phyllis Naylor 2000
Taliesin by Stephen Lawhead 1999
Virtual Mode by Piers Anthony 1991
The Life and Death of King John by Shakespeare 1966
Love's Labor's Lost by Shakespeare 1965
History of Henry IV by Shakespeare 1963
The Life of Henry V by Shakespeare 1965
A Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare 1964

Two Treatises Of Government by John Locke 1964 softcover

The Golden Bough A Study in Magic and Religion by James Frazer 1925 hardcover

The Sacred Plains by JH Headley 1856 hardcover

The Boys Of The Bible by Henry Williams 1865 hardcover

Notes Explanatory and Practical on the Acts of the Apostles by Albert Barnes 1869 hardcover

Bible Word Book by William Swinton 1876 hardcover

Behind the Flootlights. A Book On The Technique of Dramatics by Charles Mather 1935 hardcover

Famous Trials Oscar Wilde by Montgomery Hyde 1962 softcover

Dennis the Menace AM* Ambassador of Mischief by Hank Ketcham 1960 softcover

BC No Two Sexes Are Alike by Johnny Hart 1981 softcover

The Poetical Works of ST Coleridge with Biographical Sketch by WM Rossetti c. 1900-1912 hardcover

Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman 1921 intro: Carl Sandburg hardcover

Poetry Of The Victorian Period selected by: George Woods 1930 hardcover

Poetical Works of Matthew Arnold With Explanatory Notes
c. 1900-1912 hardcover

Chanticleer The Poems of Terry Wise by Charles Wise no date hardcover/dust jacket

The Complete Poetical Works of Robert Burns byh Nathan Dole 1900 hardcover
Poems by William Cullen Bryant c. 1880's hardcover

The Glory of The Nightingales by Edwin Arlington Robinson 1930 hardcover

Milton no date gilt cloth binding

The Poetical and Dramatic Works of Coleridge no date Ancient Mariner and others hardcover

The Classic Myths In English Literature And Art by Charles Gayley 1911 hardcover

Mental Hygiene and Education by Mandel Sherman 1935 hardcover

Abnormal Psychology. Mental Illness Types, Causes and Treatment by Walter Coville 1968 softcover

How to Understand Electricity by Frederick Collins 1935 hardcover

Things A Boy Can Do With Electricity by Alfred Morgan 1941 hardcover

Fundamentals Of Physics. And Their Application In Modern Life by Bowen Dees 1945 hardcover

Country Cousins. Short Studies In The Natural History Of The United States by Ernest Ingersoll 1884 hardcover

Skyward by Commander Richard Byrd 1928 hardcover

From the Lakes of Killarney to The Golden Horn by Henry Field 1890 hardcover

Samantha At Coney Island by Josiah Allen's Wife 1911 hardcover

The Bar Sinister by Richard Harding Davis 1918 hardcover

Love Death and the Ladies' Drill Team by Jessamyn West 1955 hardcover/dust jacket

A Time To Kill by Geoffrey Household 1951 hardcover/dust jacket

The Good Shepherd by CS Forester 1955 hardcover/dust jacket