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We have an eclectic collection of used and vintage books, vinyl records, DVD's, CD's, comics, tarot cards, ephemera and small collectibles.

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Final Installment of the New Arrivals!

Steve Mecca

Cinders & Smoke. A Mile by Mile Guide For the Durango To Silveton Narrow Gauge Trip by Doris Osterwald 1984 softcover $4...

Erie Memories by Edward Crist 1993 signed hardcover $30 (Erie railroad)

The History Of The Baltimore & Ohio. America's First Railroad by Timothy Jacobs 1989 hardcover/dust jacket $8

Journals Of Ayn Rand Edited by: David Harriman 1997 hardcover/dust jacket $15

Devil In The White City by Erik Larson 2003 softcover $4

Guitar Player Repair Guide by Dan Erlwine 1994 softcover $7

The Portable Nietzche Translated by Walter Kaufmann 1968 paperback $3

Famous Actors & Actresses and Their Homes by Gustav Kobbe 1903 gilt hardcover $20...

Asimov On Physics by Isaac Asimov 1979 paperback $3

The Complete Book Of Fly Fishing by Joe Brooks 1958 hardcover $6

Collecting Military Antiques by Frederick Wilkinson 1976 $6

The Code Of The Warrior In History, Myth and Everyday Life by Rick Fields 1991 softcover $6

The Magic Garment. Principles of Costume Design by Rebecca Cunningham 1989 softcover $10


Fare Thee Well. A Backward Look at Two Centuries of Historic American Hostelries, Fashionable Spas & Seaside Resorts by Leslie Dorsey & Janice Devine 1964 hardcover/dust jacket $6

On My Journey Looking At African American History Through The Spirituals by Nikki Giovanni 2007 hardcover/dust jacket $5

On My Journey Looking At African American History Through The Spirituals by Nikki Giovanni 2007 hardcover/dust jacket $5

A General History of the Robberies & Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates by Captain Charles Johnson with intro by David Cordingly 1998 hardcover/dust jacket $10

A Special Valor The US Marines and the Pacific War by Richard Wheeler 1983 hardcover/dust jacket $5

Death March The Survivors of Bataan by Donald Knox 1981 softcover $3

Dharma Lion. A Biography of Allen Ginsberg BY Michael Schumacher 1992 softcover $10

Oscar Wilde by Louis Kronenberger 1976 hardcover $5

I am Spock by Leonard Nimoy 1995 1st edit 2nd print $25

American Gothic. The Story of America's Legendary Theatrical Family. Junius, Edwin and John Wilkes Booth by Gene Smith 1992 hardcover/dust jacket $5

Twice Told Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne 1893 hardcover (fancy tooled) $15

The Works of Charles Dickens. Vol 3. A Christmas Carol, The Chimes, The Cricket On The Hearth, American Notes date unknown hardcover $5

The War Of The Worlds by HG Wells 1986 paperback $3

The Island Of Dr. Moreau by HG Wells 1978 paperback $3

The Complete Works of O Henry forward by: Harry Hansen 1953 hardcover/dust jacket $10

The Catcher In The Rye by JD Salinger 1951 $15 (reproduction)

The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin Pre 1957 (reprint from the 6th London Edition) soft leather $4

General Chemistry by Harry Holmes 1943 hardcover $5

Fundamentals of Physical Geography by Trewartha Hammond 1961 hardcover $5

The Geological evolution of North America. A Regional Approach to Historical Geology by Thomas Clark & Colin Stearn 1960 hardcover $5

Textbook of General Zoology by Winterton Curtis & Mary Guthrie 1927 hardcover $6


Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss 1960 beginner books series hardcover $5

The Cat in The Hat Comes Back by Dr. Seuss 1958 beginner books series hardcover $5

Hop On Pop by Dr Seuss 1963 beginner books series hardcover $5

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr Seuss 1960 beginner books series hardcover $5

The Cat In The Hat by Dr Seuss 1957 beginner books series hardcover $5

ABC by Dr Seuss 1963 beginner books series hardcover $5

Grimms' Fairy Tales by The Brothers Grimm Translated by: Lucas, Crane, Edwards 1996 hardcover/dust jacket $6

Hitty Her First hundred years by Rachel Field 1966 hardcover/dust jacket $10

The Wonderful Wizard Of OZ by Frank Baum 2005 hardcover/dust jacket with ribbon bookmark $10

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rowling 1999 hardcover $6


Admiral Hornblower In The West Indies by CS Forester 1958 hardcover $4

Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs 1966 paperback $6

The Wand Maker's Guidebook by Ed Masessa 2006 hardcover $10

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand 1957 (early printing) paperback $10

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand 1996 paperback $5

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand 1993 paperback $5

We The Living by Ayn Rand 1995 paperback $5

The Early Ayn Rand. A Selection From Her Unpublished Fiction edited: Leonard Peikoff 1984 paperback $5

The Illuminatus Trilogy by Robert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson 1975 softcover $5